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FALCO - Vocals

John Iadevaio - Bass

Michael Iadevaio - Guitar

Daniel Malsch - Guitar

Rob Liano - Drums


NEW YORK – (1993-1998)


Founding members and brothers John Iadevaio, Michael Iadevaio, childhood friend FALCO, cousin Dan Malsch along with good friend Mike Nack are the force behind Wicked Maraya's music. Their live performance thrives on dynamics, attitude, and building tension by raising and lowering intensity levels, then climaxing with a unique burst of power...


After signing with Mausoleum Records, November 1993, Wicked Maraya recorded their debut CD 'Cycles' in California, Florida, Schuren and Morfelden (Frankfurt), Germany. Produced by Legendary Metal Producer - Jim Morris, this debut CD is a moody, melodic, precisely crafted album.


In April 1994 'Cycles' was released in the European market. Wicked Maraya then embarked on a highly successful tour of Europe opening for METAL CHURCH. The tour netted them a citation for 'Concert Of The Month' in Koln, Germany. 'Cycles' hit 1 on German Album Rock Radio charts, and received major acclaim in such prestigious European magazines as Aardschok and RockHard, where Wicked Maraya was voted 8 Best Newcomer of 1994 in their March 1995 READERS POLL of 298 acts.


The video for the single 'Another Day' was released nationally on Warner Bros. Rock Video Monthly, as well as getting major airplay on Europe's VIVA Television.


Following the July 1994 U.S. release, Wicked Maraya went on three consecutive cross country tours - As a Co-Headliner with Chicago's Cyclone Temple and as support for Dee Snider's Widowmaker and also Guitar Maestro Yngwie Malmsteen. U.S. radio also embraced the debut CD, as well as American magazines Metal Maniacs, Hit Parader, Rip, Metaledge and Livewire.



1. Another Day

2. Jacob's Dance

3. Resurrection

4. Face In The Mirror

5. Johnny

6.Watching Over

7. Alone

8. Winter's Garden

9. Forever

10. Sign Of Heaven

11. The Legacy


Produced by Jim Morris

Recorded at: Red Zone Studios - Burbank, CA / Morrisound Recording - Tampa, FL / CAS Studios - Schuren, Germany / Dolphin Studios - Morfelden, Germany .. Mausoleum / BMG Records


Critical praise for 'Cycles'

"These guys rock with unrelenting power and style..." - HIT PARADER

"Power at its absolute best..." - METAL MANIACS

"We heard it... we loved it... we tested it and our listeners loved it!!!" - Larry Mac - KZRX - Z-ROCK, Phoenix

"These Long Island boys have surprisingly crafted their own unique style of alternative rock/metal, and seem to execute it to it's fullest potential..." - THE GLASS EYE

"This is a very difficult CD to forget, and an absolute must have for all..." - THE AMPLI-FLIER

#1 in Top Ten..." - HEAVY ODER WAS?!

"The album 'Cycles', stylishly played and plenty heavy, deserves to be found by hard rockers unaffected by the alternative and hard-core waves..." - GUITAR FOR THE PRACTICING MUSICIAN

"This ('Cycles') could easily be the most effective blend of tough rhythms and majestic melodies to be enacted in Heavy Metal in the 90's..." - U.S. ROCKER

"A positive repeater..." - ROX MAGAZINE

"Musically Wicked Maraya has shown themselves as being students of the past and partakers in a sound that is definitely 90's..." - GOOD TIMES MAGAZINE

"Semi-flamboyant, powered by solid meaty guitar work. Lots of dynamic and flair at work, but underneath it's rock steady..." - B-SIDE MAGAZINE

"No small time stuff here... one listen and you'll know why we highly recommend this heavy, yet tuneful release..." - NY ROXX

"At a time when the industry is inundated with the Seattle sound and so many groups aren't brazen enough to develop their own individuality and end up just mimicking their predecessors, Wicked Maraya are diong their best to make good, solid hard rock respected and revered once again..." - METAL PROPHET MAGAZINE

"Wicked Maraya are ready to assault the States with their no-nonsense, un-grunge sound..." - SOUNDS HEAVY

"This is a welcome change, with its strong melodies, twin harmony guitar leads and an edge of its own..." - GAJOOB MAGAZINE

"This disc will surprise you with it's melodic, but yet heavy music... definitely worth a listen..." - ONSTAGE MAGAZINE

"Their seamlessly heavy sound and vocalist FALCO's gravely wail defy analysis..." - LOLLIPOP MAGAZINE

"The talent in this band is worn for all to see, nothing false or shallow here..." - METALZINE

"It's so cool this ('Cycles') happened..." - FEH

"I expect them to be one of the leaders..." - URBAN WARFARE PRODUCTIONS



 Between 1995 and 1996 the Band continued to showcase in NYC... (one A&R rep for a new upcoming label said it was between Wicked Maraya and another band; but they decided they were going with the other band… a little act named Creed) In July 1996, the Band - now called MARAYA - signed a licensing deal for Europe with Rising Sun Productions in Germany, for their second CD 'No Hope For Humanity...?'


MARAYA then went on another successful European tour with Skyclad to support the release of the 'No Hope' CD. Fan response, together with radio and press reviews were outstanding. Mindview Magazine in Belgium said, it's their choice for "Album of the year."



No Hope For Humanity...?

1. Awakening

2. Tomorrow

3. Life Is Hungry

4. Who Made You God?

5. Touch Of Pain

6. 1994

7. Time Stands Still

8. The Missing

9. Fade Away

10. Already Gone

11. Wake Up...It's Coming

12. Dear Friend,

*Bonus track* Down In The Quarter


Produced by Jim Morris.. Recorded at Morrisound Recording - Tampa, FL.. European release - Rising Sun Productions

Critical praise for 'No Hope For Humanity...?'


"Maraya picks up where the 'Cycles' CD left off and takes their sound into an even wider spectrum..... New look, Modern sound, same Kick-Ass band..... "my pick for CD of 1996" -Peter Rotthier - editor MINDVIEW magazine


"The single TOMORROW has already hit 1 on German Rock Radio... and the second single WHO MADE YOU GOD? .. has cracked the top 10..." September / October 1996


"8 out of 10" - ROCKHARD magazine.. "5 for the month of October" - METAL HAMMER magazine.....




MARAYA, and their U.S. record label, 80 West Records, released their 3rd CD: 'COUNTERCULTURE' in 1997.  In their first week, MARAYA was added to over 116 radio stations, and was 3 most added to CMJ, Album Network, FMQB, Gavin and Hits.


Metal Edge magazine says, "The COUNTERCULTURE CD is slamming."


Headlining tours of the U.S. followed, as well as supporting slots with Great White, Dokken, RATT, Fu Manchu and Superjoint Ritual to name a few...


The re-released version of 'COUNTERCULTURE' was made available in 1998.





1. Counterculture

2. Mother

3. God Helps

4. Little Jewel

5. 3 Days

6. Kill The Freak

7. Never Come

8. Colors

9. Thed

10. Kill The Freak (Radio Edit)


*Bonus Electronic Re-Interpretations*

God Helps (Kill The Brain)

Little Jewel



Produced by J.Iadevaio , D.Malsch / MARAYA

Recorded at: Soundmine Recording - PA ..US release - 80 West Records


Critical praise for 'COUNTERCULTURE'


#3 most added to radio - CMJ, Album Network, FMQB, Hard Hits, and Gavin in its 1st week of release

"I love MARAYA, will be a heavy emphasis band for us..." - Donnie Rood / KASS Radio Denver / Casper

"COUNTERCULTURE - Great song!!!" - WWGZ / Flint, Michigan

"MARAYA is at it's best when it goes for the throat, grabs it, and doesn't let go..." - Gerri Miller / Oct. `97 METAL EDGE MAGAZINE

"MARAYA kicking ass and going national" - Fingers / WBAB 'Fingers Metal-Shop-NY'

"I love this band, I am very much into the COUNTERCULTURE CD" - Johnny Dare / KQRC The Rock Kansas City, MO

#3 most requested on the phones" - Frank Pain / KEYJ Abiline, Texas


2011 brings Wicked Maraya to the FACEBOOK world as a THANK YOU to ALL the FANS

that have supported the Band throughout the years!!!


2014 brings Wicked Maraya together to record 2 NEW SONGS - Fall From Grace & Suicidal Dawn

2015  - Wicked Maraya shoots Suicidal Dawn video!

2015/2016- Wicked Maraya signs with MASSACRE Records for the release of Lifetime In Hell...



We go around again... An arrow through a circle

(We're not done yet...)


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