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2015 - And the story will carry on…


Lifetime In Hell


In the spring of 1991 Wicked Maraya, having signed with an independent record label, begin rehearsals on the songs for what is scheduled to be their debut CD.  After meeting with several contacts, it is initially proposed by Management, through mutual friends, that death metal guru/producer Scott Burns (Cannibal Corpse, Gorguts) is to handle the project.  After several band discussions, the band decides the perfect producer for Wicked Maraya is legendary Jim Morris (Savatage, Iced Earth).  Known for his melodic fused production (closer to the style of the band), Jim Morris and Wicked Maraya begin pre-production; immediately expanding on the heavy riffs, harmony guitars and vocal stylings of their rough demos.  The band goes through a ‘boot camp’ of sorts, breaking down each song and building it back up to maximize every nuance of the song; quickly realizing this is not a demo session, but that they are preparing for their debut CD and that there is to be no filler in the songs and in the effort. 

In July, the band drives from New York to Tampa, FL to the world renowned Morrisound Recording Studio. They spend the next month recording Lifetime In Hell, as well as gaining invaluable knowledge and understanding of many aspects of the professional studio experience.

Upon completion of Lifetime In Hell, although still signed to their label, it is decided that the band will showcase for labels and larger management.  Several showcases in Nashville, TN and NYC are held.  While many of the reviews are positive, the band does not attain the next tier representation that they are seeking.  During this time, as is all too common in the music industry, it is discovered that Wicked Maraya’s current label and management are not what they made themselves out to be; and the band terminates the relationship.  In May of 1992, upon suggestion of their attorney, Wicked Maraya journey to Los Angeles to showcase their talent on the West Coast.  The band quickly becomes a popular force on the Sunset Strip, as their heavy/thrash/ progressive style is a bit left of center from the usual acts, and their bombastic performances at The Whisky, The Roxy, and a literal earth shaking show at Gazzarri’s have the Strip buzzing.  However, no record deal comes.  While honing their craft at the legendary L.A. venues, Wicked Maraya begin writing and rehearsing new material.  Songs such as Resurrection become a set fixture during this time.  In November of 1992, Jim Morris is flown out to L.A., and once again the partnership begins creating the next phase of Wicked Maraya.  A 5 song demo is produced with a vast progression from the more raw metal style of Lifetime In Hell.  Songs:  Another Day, Resurrection, Forever, Alone and Sign Of Heaven (later remixed and added to Cycles) exhibit more moody, atmospheric vocals, and a heavier, groove oriented, guitar harmony laden sound.

After completion of the demo, Wicked Maraya return to NY and begin target the NYC area and Northeast region.  The demo makes its way to the Fanzine realm as well as local radio. 
In 1993, several more showcases for major labels occur in NYC at CBGB’s to no avail.  Over the next year, with several very positive reviews in the press, the demo finds its way to Europe and, according to some, moves several thousand units (to the surprise of the band who only sent about 20 overseas).
A call comes from Mausoleum Records (The Legendary Heavy Metal Label) in Germany who is opening up a NYC office. 


Wicked Maraya sign a recording contract and in early 1994, the band and Jim Morris fly to Germany to begin recording Cycles…

We hope you have enjoyed this journey back to 1991…
Now, after 18 years, for the first time since 1998, Wicked Maraya is proud to finally release
Lifetime In Hell as well as 2 NEW songs: Suicidal Dawn and Fall From Grace on MASSACRE RECORDS!!!


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