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APRIL 2023

ENJOY the NEW VIDEO TEASER for our NEW SONG - "Chapter V"
MARCH 2023

Next Up - Mastering... Then in April - VIDEO!!! 

After spending January in NY @ Front Row Recording, where FALCO & John worked on Vocal Pre-Production, Wicked Maraya are currently FINISHING up their NEW 5 SONG EP @ Soundmine Recording in East Stroudsburg, PA.  Wicked Maraya have written 5 moody, distinct, heavy, and 'Classic' sounding songs that both current and NEW Fans will definitely sink their teeth into!!! FALCO, John, Michael & Dan are working day & night to create the BEST Wicked Maraya to date!!! Visit Wicked Maraya's FACEBOOK PAGE to SEE & HEAR the NEW SONGS as they are being CREATED!!! 

APRIL 2, 2019
For the 1st time in 25 years... ARCHIVE STUDIO FOOTAGE of Wicked Maraya in Studio during the 'CYCLES' Sessions - 1994!!! It is only right that we start off with a tribute to a great singer who was with us along our journey and had the most amazing voice to share with us!!! The Rumble - Steve Gruden and FALCO in studio doing background vocal tracks, with plenty of assistance, guidance and advice from John, Michael, Dan, Nack & of course Melvis himself - Jim Morris!!! Steve and Todd Plant sang on the original Demo @ Morrisound Recording in Tampa, and Steve was flown to Germany to add finishing touches to the new songs!!! So, enjoy 15 minutes (of MANY MANY MANY more videos to come) of the ridiculousness that is Wicked Maraya in Studio!!!

APRIL 1, 2019
Wicked Maraya's 'CYCLES' CD turns 25 years old on April 14th!!!  Join us on our FACEBOOK Page ALL MONTH as we go back in time to remember and discuss all that happened leading up to the making and release of that CD!!! Starting with the early demo days of 1992 in California to the rehearsals in NY and Florida, and finally recording in Germany!!! We are busting out the VHS tapes and transferring video from the recording studio, rehearsal sessions, 'Another Day' video shoot, Metal Church Tour, all of our ridiculous goofing around and anything else we can find for your enjoyment!!! ALL band members will be commenting and sharing their memories as well as (hopefully) our Producer and anyone else involved from 25 years ago!!! Looking forward to a FUN MEMORY FILLED APRIL!!!

\m/ \m/
FALCO, John, Michael, Dan & Nack
JANUARY 31, 2017
GREAT Interview with Stefan of Metal To Infinity for a very in depth and passionate interview covering Wicked Maraya's "Lifetime In Hell" and entire career! We appreciate the support and look forward to keeping his vision of US Metal alive!!!
Wicked Maraya has entered the TOP METAL ALBUM CHARTS for 2016!!!


THANK YOU to Reiner deVries of Power Of for rating "Lifetime In Hell" #3 in his TOP METAL ALBUMS OF 2016!!!
"03. Wicked Maraya – Lifetime In Hell
Always been a fan of this band and when I read that they were going to release their actual debut album which, due to circumstances beyond their control never had been released, I was very curious. That it would be one of the best releases for me in 2016 I would have never dreamt of, but it was!"
THANK YOU to Jeroen of for rating "Lifetime In Hell" #9 in his 'Favorite Albums of 2016!'
THANK YOU to JP (Managing Editor) of for including Wicked Maraya's "Lifetime In Hell" (MASSACRE RECORDS) in his TOP 25 Albums that "Deserved more attention!!!"
- "An album that sat in the vaults for over a quarter of a century finally sees the light of day. Crunchy, early 90’s Power Metal from the US, a fine example of the form..."
THANK YOU to Stefan (#10) & Officer Nice (#19) of Metal To Infinity for including Wicked Maraya's "Lifetime In Hell" (MASSACRE RECORDS) in their TOP 20 Albums of 2016!!!
THANK YOU to Megawatt Mayhem for ranking Wicked Maraya's "Lifetime In Hell" (MASSACRE RECORDS) #97 in their TOP 100 Albums of 2016!!! Listen to 'Sounds Of Evil' at 00:35:45 and a very cool intro and history of the album ... "Such a great song"... \m/ \m/
JANUARY 1, 2017
Wicked Maraya would like to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone around the world!!! 2016 was an UNBELIEVABLE and pleasant surprise of a year for us!!! "Lifetime In Hell" finally saw the light of day along with 2 NEW songs and a NEW VIDEO "Suicidal Dawn"!!!
HUGE THANK YOU to Thomas & Torsten at MASSACRE RECORDS along with Anja and the entire staff!!! Skateboard Marketing Ltd. / Munsey Ricci, and ALL THE RADIO, MAGAZINES, FANZINES, WEBSITES, etc!!! The response by radio, press and especially YOU - THE FANS - has been AMAZING!!! We are looking forward to A LOT MORE in 2017!!! We will have news regarding NEW and "NEW" music coming, and hopefully the new year will secure a BOOKING AGENT so Wicked Maraya can get playing LIVE ONCE AGAIN!!!

\m/ \m/
FALCO, John, Michael, Dan & Nack
MAY 6, 2016


MAY 3, 2016
WICKED MARAYA's 1st Single 'Fall From Grace' is #2 MOST ADDED to CMJ Loud Rock Charts
US RELEASE of "Lifetime In Hell" THIS FRIDAY 05/06/16 via MASSACRE Records !!!


MARCH 18, 2016

WICKED MARAYA - "Lifetime In Hell" is OUT NOW via MASSACRE Records !!! 
US release will be 05/06/16!!!


Go to the REVIEWS Page to see all the AMAZING REVIEWS / INTERVIEWS for "Lifetime In Hell"



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US release: May 6th


Wicked Maraya is currenty seeking representation for BOOKING and once finalized will be looking forward
to seeing all our FANS in the US & Europe!!!



MARCH 2016

WICKED MARAYA - "Lifetime In Hell" will be released on 03/18/16 via MASSACRE Records !!! 
US release will be 05/06/16!!!


Wicked Maraya is currenty seeking representation for BOOKING and once finalized will be looking forward
to seeing all our FANS in the US & Europe!!!

PRE-ORDER "Lifetime In Hell" - HERE

Go to the REVIEWS Page to see all the AMAZING REVIEWS for "Lifetime In Hell"


WICKED MARAYA is PROUD TO ANNOUNCE the release of 1991's "Lifetime In Hell" along with 2 NEW SONGS -

'Fall From Grace" and 'Suicidal Dawn' via MASSACRE RECORDS!!!


Release will be Spring 2016!!! 


THANK YOU to all our fans for the support over the years!!! PLEASE follow us on Social Media via the links 

at the bottom of the page!!!


More to follow... 

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